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Hi guys!

We are almost ready for the release of Tell More Stories next month - and I couldn’t be more excited! The WoodsEdge Story Team and I have designed this as a practical, approachable guide to storytelling in the local church. This book is about process and practical steps, and comes from over a decade of firsthand experience.

Whoever you are, wherever you tell stories – our goal is to help you become more intentional, clear and focused.

We’ll help you identify what it is about storytelling that moves you, what you need to look for in the stories you tell, and how to make them resonate within your church culture. We’ll get specific about the best places to find stories in your church, helpful tips for your interviews and film shoots, as well as checklists for editing and post-production. We’re also going to discuss how storytelling works in different formats - film, written, photography, and audio - as well as give you resources to get and your team better equipped in these crafts.

We’re covering a lot of ground. But, I’d like to ask for your help. Before we finalize the book, I want to make sure we cover things that apply directly to you.

There is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this quick survey.

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