Holly's Story

Holly’s dad left when she was six. A timid child, overshadowed by people with big personalities, growing up without much money, she felt inferior to people who had nicer clothes and bigger houses, people who had their life together.

In 2012, Holly hit a low point. She became depressed, overwhelmed with the worry that  she had done nothing with her life, that she was a nobody. Success was all around, and her nagging sense of rejection would not let her go. At one point, she lost the will to live.

Holly's depression led her to seek counseling and began a slow healing process. She examined each feeling to discover if there was a lie behind it. Then she would ask God to replace each lie with His truth.

"I felt like God was literally hugging each damaged piece of my self image, bringing warmth and life and value.”

One Sunday at church, the speaker encouraged everyone to ask God to speak a name to them as they prayed and listened. Immediately, Holly heard the name “beautiful.”

The name warmed her heart, but she had trouble believing that it was really from God.  Maybe this was wishful thinking, what she hoped she would hear. She continued to wrestle with her doubt. 

A few weeks later, she came for prayer during a service. As she prayed with the prayer partner, they both asked the Lord to speak His name for her. Both of them immediately heard the same name.... 


It confirmed what Holly had heard. It gave her the confidence to start believing that this was how her Father sees her.

Holly is continuing to press in to her identity from the Lord, seeking to walk in it each day. Recently, she felt another lie creeping into her mind - "I'm a nobody." She brought this thought to God and asked, "what do you want me to know?" God answered,  

"You're somebody to me.”

David's Story

"I had hurt a lot of people."

David was coming to terms with the pain he had inflicted on his family. After his divorce, he regretted not being a godly husband, not being a godly father to his kids.

"When your heart becomes full of sorrow, pain and regrets, you feel like drinking makes it go away for a while. It never really goes away.”

David knew he needed help, but didn’t know where to find it. A group of his friends rallied around him. They found a ministry called John 3:16. It was a spiritual boot camp for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. This was a big step for him, but he was out of options.

I knew if I didn’t turn to God and get to a place where I could get to the outside world,  

"I’m not sure I would have made it."

The camp provided a chance for David to get alone with God, but also to be surrounded by a community. He began to walk through a process of dealing with his addiction. He experienced emotional healing from God. He started praying for this ex-wife, his kids and for the guys around him.

Joy began to return to his life. His focus was less on himself and more on the people around him and on God. The road ahead wasn’t easy, but there was finally hope. And he was no longer alone.

"God took away my heartache and pain.”

Pamela's Story

“I was in shock. I just lost my father, I just had a miscarriage, and now this.”

A car accident had taken the life of Pamela’s father. On the day of his funeral, she was suddenly rushed to the ER. Something was very wrong. The doctor broke the news that she had just had a miscarriage. But unfortunately there was more bad news.

“Do you know you have a mass on your ovary?”

Pamela and her husband went to two other doctors to get their opinion. Each time, her heart sank as she heard the same diagnosis. Pamela knew that God was able to heal her, but she still struggled with fear. She spent hours praying. She spent time in the promises of scripture, praying over each one.

Then came the day of her surgery. She and her mother prayed together one more time.

“I leave everything into your hands. Father, be with me.”

As Pamela woke up from surgery, she was greeted by the enthusiastic voice of her husband:

“Honey, Honey! Good news! There was nothing there!”

The doctors found no evidence of the mass. It had completely disappeared. God had answered Pamela’s prayer and healed her.

Pamela had no words. All she could do in response was break down in tears, thanking God and praising Him for who He is and what He had done.