Pamela's Story

“I was in shock. I just lost my father, I just had a miscarriage, and now this.”

A car accident had taken the life of Pamela’s father. On the day of his funeral, she was suddenly rushed to the ER. Something was very wrong. The doctor broke the news that she had just had a miscarriage. But unfortunately there was more bad news.

“Do you know you have a mass on your ovary?”

Pamela and her husband went to two other doctors to get their opinion. Each time, her heart sank as she heard the same diagnosis. Pamela knew that God was able to heal her, but she still struggled with fear. She spent hours praying. She spent time in the promises of scripture, praying over each one.

Then came the day of her surgery. She and her mother prayed together one more time.

“I leave everything into your hands. Father, be with me.”

As Pamela woke up from surgery, she was greeted by the enthusiastic voice of her husband:

“Honey, Honey! Good news! There was nothing there!”

The doctors found no evidence of the mass. It had completely disappeared. God had answered Pamela’s prayer and healed her.

Pamela had no words. All she could do in response was break down in tears, thanking God and praising Him for who He is and what He had done.